What is Zika virus? Learn more about how this virus spreads

What is Zika virus? Learn more about how this virus spreads

 At present, the whole of India is fighting against the corona virus. In the meantime, a new type of virus has been found. As a result, people are terrified again. The name of this new virus is Zika. Many people in Kanpur, India have contracted the disease. So in today’s discussion we will know what is Zika virus? What are the symptoms of this virus? How to stay away from it.

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What is Zika virus?

Zika is a mosquito-borne disease. That is like dengue and malaria. Aedes mosquitoes cause diseases like dengue and chikungunya. It is known that this Aedes mosquito also carries Zika virus.

History of Zika virus-

The first strain of the Zika virus was first seen in Africa in 1948. But this virus first came to everyone’s notice in 2015. The strain of this virus was then found in Brazil. The virus then gradually spread to India and the rest of the world. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the Zika virus as a ‘public health emergency’.

Symptoms of Zika virus-

The first symptom of a person infected with the Zika virus is fever. However, the concern is that most people do not understand the common fever and Zika virus fever. However, doctors say that if a person suffers from fever for 7-8 days in a row and has runny nose or headaches, he should be examined immediately. In addition to these symptoms, many may experience conjunctivitis and bone and joint pain.

Disease severity-

The Zika virus does not cause any serious problems though. However, if not treated in time, it can take a terrible form. Pregnant women can be affected by the Zika virus, which can lead to problems with the development of the fetus, especially the development of the brain.

In Brazil last year suddenly thousands of babies were born with smaller than normal heads. So many people think that this has happened due to the effect of Zika virus. However, no specific evidence has been found that it was caused by the Zika virus.

Remedy for Zika virus-

No specific vaccine to prevent the Zika virus has yet been discovered. However, the infected patient is being asked to rest and drink plenty of water. He is being asked to take medicine as per the doctor’s advice. They are also told to sleep with a mosquito net to protect themselves from the virus. So that the infected person can stay away from any harmful mosquito.

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