How trade on Options? Became a successful trader in Option. 5 strategies that can help you to increase your profit 10X times

How trade on Options? 

Became a successful trader in Option. 

5 strategies that can help you to increase your profit 10X times

 In present time everyone I want to become a successful trader but for many reasons they can’t. In this case one of the big reason is not studying the market.  Actually worked just hopeful that from somewhere we will get a free call and depending upon the call we will trade and make lot of money. Actually Making money from Share Market trading is an art and you have to learn it first.

Before trading in share market you have to look many things especially on option trading. Without wasting any time we are going to discuss five strategies actually the five things that you have to study before taking trade.

01) Option Chain Analysis

02) Chart Analysis

03) RSI divergence

04) Any one Indicators

05) Most important if Index then also study all above first then secondly study the index

01) Option Chain Analysis- 

It is the most important thing that will help you to understand where the market I want to going.  From option chain analysis you can learn the market is now bullish or bearish. It have many methods if you want detailed instruction about that you can follow our website recent post where we have discussed it very deeply.

02) Chart Analysis- 

Here most of the people don’t know how actually the candlesticks works.How support and resistance works? Even many of people don’t know what is the support and what is the resistance. What is the trend. And how to trade in every angle. If you don’t know chat analysis please avoid trading don’t be loser in market.

03) RSI Divergence- 

RSI is an indicator which tell us when the market is overbought and when the market is oversold. Meaning of people know the indicator RSI but don’t the RSI Divergence. Actually RSI indicator mostly helps us in the stock analysis. And divergent helps us to study the indexes.

04) Any One Indicator- 

Always try to become a pro. Choose any one indicator and learnt it completely and I mean completely 100%. Don’t take all indicators it will make you fool in market. Take anyone and study it in every situation. It will help you in long-term making a lot of money.

All the above things we have discussed is only like a contents if you want detailed instructions of every point you can follow our website where we upload daily one learning in Share Market.

*We also provide completely free tips one day before in this website.But don’t became a blind follower. Watch learn and then trade.

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