How NRI can Invest in Indian stock market from other country?

Indian Stock Market

How NRI can Invest in Indian stock market from other country?

There is some activities you have to do before investing in Indian stock market like opening in NRI account in bank, PIS account and broker account. Many of NRI’s want to invest in Indian stock marke.

 In today’s world there is a speciality that no one have to came India to invest share market. Nowadays everything can be done digitally. Opening a bank account, opening a demat accoun, brokerage account everything can be done by digital mode. And no one is restricted for investing in Indian market. So how can you do that?

First of all you have to open a NRI account in any bank. There is two type of NRI account, first one is NRE account and second one is NRO account. You have to create both of them. You can done it from any bank which is situated both of India and your country. From this account only you can trade or invest in Indian share market.

 Second thing is you have to create PIS account. It is a regulation in Indian Reserve Bank that every NRI investor have to create this account. It is portfolio account which you can create from any in India. Everyday In which share or which indexes you traded or invested, the PIS will inform regularly to the RBI. So that I can monitor your activities.

 The last thing you have to create a brokerage account.  From which account you actually trade or actually invest. There is many application for create brokerage account like in Indian market there are Zerodha, Angel One and many more.

 For creating those accounts you have to submit your passport, your ID card, your address proof, bank statement, PIS account details, age proof.

Before investing in India market make sure you have enough money to invest in. Because there is some hidden charges like AMO charge, brokerage charge etc. If you want to try Indian market you can do paper trade from any software like neostocks website. If you are thinking to invest less than $1000. Then think once more because maybe it’s not worth it.

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