Causes of Child Malnutrition

 Causes of Child Malnutrition | What is Malnutrition

Malnutrition Definition : When there is not one or more nutrients in the diet, if there are too many or if they are not in proper proportion with the nutrients, then the nutrition is defective. This defective nutrition is called malnutrition.

Types of child malnutrition :

There are three types of malnutrition in children. –

1. Overnutrition, II. Undernutrition, 3. Nutritional imbalance

Causes of child malnutrition :

1. Mother’s impatience :

Often when the baby refuses to eat, the mother scolds him and tries to force feed him. This often leads to reluctance or fear in the child towards that food. So while feeding the baby, the mother has to feed the baby slowly with special care, caress and love. The baby should be praised after the meal, which encourages the baby to eat.

2. Baby likes and dislikes :

In many cases the mother tries to impose her choice on the child without looking at the likes and dislikes of the child. Be it about food or food containers. These can cause problems with the baby’s diet. So mothers need to be aware of this. The problem is much less if the child’s likes and dislikes are given some importance.

3. Aversion to food :

Many times mothers, while feeding their babies, make negative comments about certain foods, as they wish. This also causes new problems in baby food. This causes nutritional problems. So mothers should not be reluctant about any food.

4. Variety of food :

When children are fed the same food every day, sooner or later the child becomes reluctant to eat. This is also a problem related to diet. Diversification of food and cuisine is needed to solve this problem. Children enjoy a varied diet and it satisfies their nutritional needs. As a result, the problem of malnutrition is solved at least a little bit.

5. Poverty :

Due to financial difficulties, many parents are unable to provide their children with food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. As a result, malnutrition occurs in pre-school children due to lack of calories.

6. Ignorance :

Due to lack of proper knowledge about nutrition, many parents provide artificial food to their children instead of natural food. As a result, malnutrition occurs in pre-school children.

7. Mother’s malnutrition :

Many mothers themselves suffer from malnutrition. As a result, malnutrition occurs in infants due to lack of adequate amount of nutrients in breast milk.

8. Reforms and religious restrictions :

Various family reforms and religious restrictions have resulted in malnutrition among preschool children. Again, as a result of prejudice, many parents are unable to develop good eating habits in their children.

9. Lack of hygiene :

Many children are malnourished due to lack of proper hygiene. In most cases, it is not customary to wash dishes in hot water and to wash hands with soap before serving food. This results in bacterial infections that disrupt the body’s nutrition.

10. Infections :

If any disease germs enter the body of the child, then the digestive function, absorption, assimilation etc. of the child is disrupted. As a result, children suffer from protein malnutrition.


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